Banana, Carrot or Any Vegetable should not be used for self pleasure, fingers best: Kama Sutra expert Seema Anand

Gone are the days when sex or sex education was a taboo in society. 61-year-old Seema Anand, renowned author, mythologist, storyteller, sexual health educator and digital content creator is a flagbearer when it comes to sex education.

In her latest Instagram post, Ms. Anand solved the prevailing myth regarding the use of vegetables like carrot, banana, cucumber as a substitute of sex toys.

While responding to a query from a remote area, Mrs. Anand made some interesting suggestions in regards to the use of vegetables as sex toys.

“Mam we are from a remote area and residing in a joint family. Due to which it’s not easy to order sex toys online. Will something in nature work? Like carrots, cucumbers, bananas? They all are soft,” an anonymous query read.   

In response Mrs. Anand claimed that vegetabes like carrot, radish, banana or any other vegetable, should not be used as sex toy.

“Vegetables have a lot of pesticides on them and they are touched by many unhygienic hands before reaching our homes.  No matter how much you wash it, vegetables will never be hygienic enough to insert inside the body,” said Mrs. Anand.

The sex expert further opined fingers as the perfect tool to be used for self-pleasure.

“Cut your nails properly and use your fingers as it’s the safest alternative. You can control your self-pleasure with finger tips in the best way,” added Mrs. Anand.   

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