Authorities demolished mosque wall in Delhi’s Bengali market, committee says no prior notice

New Delhi: In a shocking turn of events, a portion of a mosque in Delhi’s Bengali Market area was demolished on Tuesday over encroachment. Contrary. Mosque committee claimed that they had received no prior notice.

The demolition act was carried out by the New Delhi Municipal Council in the presence of heavy police deployment, prompting the mosque management to claim that the bulldoze action came without any information or notice.

“They broke everything, the fans, the walls where the children would study. We were not even given one hour’s notice to remove our belongings from the place,” said one of the imam’s, who has been a teacher at the masjid for over 15-years.

However, officials of the land and development office said that the new structure besides the mosque was constructed on encroached land. The mosque is reportedly 250 years old and has seen many renovations post 1947.

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