Are You Using Electric Geysers? Mumbai-based Businessman shares Horrific Tale

Geysers become integral part of our life during winters. The solitude of taking shower in hot water is unparalleled but little carelessness can lead to grave consequences. If the right precaution is not taken at the right time, CO2 poisoning might cause issues like dizziness, seizures, unconsciousness, blackouts, coma and even cardiac arrest.

In a series of tweets, Divyanshu Asopa, Founder of 21 Fools, a homegrown brand that handcrafts sustainable stationary products, shared shocking incident which took place with his wife, including much-needed precautionary measures.

He Tweets:

On 5th Jan, She (Divyanshu’s wife, Tripty) went to take a shower and when I checked on her in 20 min.
On floor, blacked out. & Breathing heavily. Losing consciousness with each passing second. Case of Carbon Monoxide.
Divyanshu further informed that his wife was in a critical condition and he was on the verge of losing her.
While Tripty escaped close horror, Divyanshu urged people to be more cautious in respect with electricity-powered geysers.
Divyanshu’s revealations triggered lot of reaction as many people shared their similar story with gas-geysers

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