Apple AirTag rescued pet dog swept away in California flood


Although Apple highly recommends against attaching an AirTag to a dog’s collar, a woman in the United States was reunited with her lost dog if it was not Apple AirTag.

According to a report, an Australian shepherd named Seamus was swept away by flood waters in California, but extensive search operation from the fire department and Apple’s AirTag helped him in locating him.

ABC News reported that Seamus was out for a walk with his owner Emilie Brill when he got separated from her, and reached to the edge of a flood control basin in San Bernardino, California, on Monday.


Moments after Seamus was swept away and went down into drainage, his owner immediately dialled the emergency services and a crew was sent to rescue the pet dog.

The investigative agency told local media that it would have been difficult to locate Seamus if not for the Apple Air Tag. The fire team followed the location, spotted the sewer drain and opened it.

“When the drain broke open, they saw a dog looking up at them. Firefighters quickly made access to the dog, bringing him up the ladder to safety. After assessing the dog, he seemed uninjured and in good spirits,” the rescue team said.

However, Apple strictly suggests against the use of AirTags on living beings as the company claims that it was meant for tracking items only. “While we would have loved to make Seamus a fire station pup, glad we could not reunite the dog back with his owners,” the San Bernardino Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

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