AI will replace data entry jobs and people who are not productive: Writesonic founder

Artificial Intelligence will replace those people who are not specialised at any work, or doing unproductive tasks which can be easily automated, claims Samanyou Garg, Founder & CEO, Writesonic.

While speaking to Indian Express, Mr. Garg stated that artificial intelligence will impact entry-level jobs, but those who have a knack in their skills will always prevail.

“Demand for skilled man-force will always be there. For instance, any unique writer or expert in the subject won’t be replaced, even as humans will be needed for proofreading the content that AI generates,” Mr. Garg said.

He further argued that AI will act as a layer of augmentation to help increase productivity, get more clients and churn out more content.

“I don’t believe people will lose jobs. But the menial work, the things that can easily done, both in terms of cost efficiency and productivity, if a bot of AI does that, then you have a lot more time building your skill sets and focusing on more important things,” Garg told Indian Express.

According to Garg, more than 1 million users are using Writesonic – mostly writers and freelancers – to generate SEO-optimised content, but added that artificial intelligence would not kill journalism, instead it will prosper.

“If you already have something and you just need to rewrite it, AI can turn a boring copy into an exciting piece but artificial intelligence is not at a stage where you automate it and rely completely on a bot,” Mr. Garg added.

In addition, he also admitted that at times AI changes some facts that could reduce the accuracy of a piece. 

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