After Months Of Nationwide Protest, Iran’s Morale Police Back On Streets With Stricter Rules

Iran: Months after the nationwide violence, arson and extreme dissent over it’s action against Anti-Hijab protests, Iran has relaunched patrols by the ‘Morality Police’ in order to enforce country’s mandatory hijab rules.


As reported by Al Jazeera, Saeid Montazeralmahdi, Spokesperson for the Iranian Law enforcement force confirmed that the police patrols were now operation on foot and vehicles to monitor those covering is not appropriate as per Islamic Republic.

The morality police would issue warning and then introduce to the judicial system people who unfortunately insist on their norm-breaking behaviour without concern for the consequences of their covering that is outside of the norm,” Al Jazeera quoted Montazeralmahdi.

How Morale Police will work?

The officer informed that the morale police are tasked with warning women and sometimes men to correct the way they are dressed.

Women who are found to be in breach of the rules could be arrested and taken to ‘so-called’ re-education facilities run by the police.

Mahsa Amini:

The development comes months after 20-year-old Mahsa Amini died in custody in police custody after being detained over an alleeged dress violation.

Her death caused widespread protest in Iran for months that led to deaths of many and several were put behind bars.

Meanwhile, actor Mohamad Sadeghi was arrested for releaing a reaction vidoe online to a clip that showed a female officer holding a woman against the all over her wearing of the jijab.

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