He deserve to be where he is: Aditya Chopra makes bold admission on Uday Chopra amid nepotism debate

While Nepotism is far from over and fringe elements on social media leave no stone unturned to throw stones on any new star kids or to their association with the Bollywood, renowned producer Aditya Chopra is winning heart for his brutal but honest opinion on why his younger brother Uday Chopra could not become a big star.

In his rare appearance in the new docuseries, The Romantics on Netflix, Aditya Chopra made some interesting admission about Uday Chopra’s film career and also analysed the ‘its the audience which decides who will become a successful actor or who will not.’

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“Now, here is the son of one of the biggest film-maker, he is the brother of very big film-maker. Imagine a company like YRF, that has probable launched the most newcomers and we could not make him a star. Why could we not do it for own? Because the bottom line is, only an audience will decide, ‘I like this person, I want to see this person.’ No one else can decide that,” Mr. Chopra said.

As the viral clip went viral social media, netizens lauded Aditya Chopra for his honest views on the nepotism debate by citing the name of his brother. Check out reactions. 

After his debut in Mohabbatein in 2000, Uday Chopra starred in around ten movies but could not get the success he wished for. His last appearance was in 2013 film Dhoom 3 in which he showed up in the role of Sub-Inspector Ali for the third time, alongside Abhishek Bachchan.

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