AAP Leader Asks Delhi LG to Let his Kids Compete with Delhi’s Children

The administrative tussle between Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena reached to another level on Saturday, when party spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj challenged the LG to let his children compete with the children of Delhi.

The fresh array of allegations between Aam Aadmi Party and Lieutenant Governor intensified over Delhi government’s proposal to send Delhi school teachers to Finland for training, which as per AAP was ‘rejected by Delhi LG criticizing the education department’ in a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

However, Delhi Raj Niwas on Friday said that the governor has not rejected the proposal and instead urged the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government to ‘evaluate the proposal and assess the effectiveness of such foreign training programmes in the past.’

The matter has intensified since then, as Delhi’s deputy chief minister and education minister Manish Sisodia hit out at Delhi LG for making ‘false allegations’ against the education department and ‘mocking’ the teachers working in the national capital.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bharadwaj made a huge claim on Saturday when he asked the Lieutenant Governor to let his children participate in a competition with children in Delhi.

“I challenge Mr. Saxena to assess the education standard of his own kids. Kids in Delhi are getting the education of the highest degree. If he doubts us, he can ask his kids to compete with children in Delhi,” said Mr. Bharadwaj while addressing the media in New Delhi.

In his letter to the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Lieutenant Governor drew comparisons between the average attendance in the government schools since the AAP government took charge and underlined that the figures were better in the previous years. He also claimed that enrolment had also dipped, stressing the performance of government schools’ students was not as good as private schools.

Rubbishing the governor’s claim, Mr. Sisodia stated that from 14.6 Lakh in 2015-15, the number of government school students has increased to 18 Lakh. The Deputy Chief Minister also mentioned that the pass percentage of the students has significantly increased over the last few years while students have also become more confident about appearing in entrance exams like IIT.

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