A Citizens Committee Report formulated with a soft-corner for one section of the society: MHA Source

Polarization between communities, particularly anti-Muslim hate, was deliberately fueled in the months preceding Delhi violence, reads the report on the 2020 Northeast Delhi violence by a ‘citizens committee chaired by a former judge of the Supreme Court Madan B Lokur. The information has concluded that the violence series on February 23 & 24, 2022 resulted from a sequence of failures from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi Police and the Delhi government.

The Committee comprises the likes of former Chief Justice of the Madras and Delhi High Courts, A P Shah; former judge of the Delhi High Court, R S Sodhi; former judge of the Patna High Court, Anjana Prakash; and former Home Secretary G K Pillai. The report titled “Uncertain Justice: A Citizens Committee Report” on North East Delhi Violence 2020 also shows that members of the Committee took the materials, including FIRs, charge sheets, court orders and media reports on the account. The Committee didn’t shy away from naming politicians like Kapil Sharma and Anurag Thakur for instigating the mood in society against a particular section of the community.

On Media (TV)-:

“The vilification of the protests and anti-Muslim hate was amplified by widely viewed television news channels and social media. News channels like Republic, Times Now, Zee News, Aaj Tak, India TV, and Republic Bharat (Hindi). The analysis reveals that the channels’ reportage of events surrounding the CAA framed the issues as ‘Hindu vs Muslims’ with prejudice and suspicion against the Muslim community. These channels concentrated on vilifying anti-CAA-protests, fanning unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and calling for their forcible shutdown.”

The language of anchors and panellists, and the phrasing of visual tools on these shows, reveal the aggressive messaging and sensational style. The analysis illustrates how anchors and panellists used insulting, pejorative words – terrorists, jihadis, rioters and trainers – to describe Muslims as violent and anti-national.


The Committee’s observation on the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that despite having command over Delhi Police and the central paramilitary forces, the MHA failed to take adequate steps to stem the spread of communal violence. “Repeated assurances on February 24 and 25 by police top brass and government officials that the situation was under control did not match the visibility of violence on the ground, read the report.

The Committee further claims State bodies failed to exert the role of civic mediation and statesmanship to calm the situation. Additionally, the Delhi Government has been unable to ensure timely and adequate relief and compensation to those affected by violence. Approval of settlement by the government and the Claims Commission is riddled with delay.” The report draws from media reports to say that the process of claiming compensation was complex and was further impeded by delays.

Social Media:

The report further flagged Yati Narsinghanand’s speeches made in February 2020 that were ‘circulated through YouTube.’ The Committee observes that the speeches made by Mr Yati Narsnghanand were circulated through Youtube to amplify the Hindu-Muslim binary being spread by many at a time.

The decisive time of February 23, 2020, running into February 24 witnessed a frenzied and wide use of social media. The content of Facebook Live videos over these two days, broadcast by political leaders affiliated with the BJP and Hindu right-wing extremist groups, reveals more of the divisive Hindu-Muslim narratives, with much content amounting to hate speech and violent content,” it stated.


The Quotes attempted to reach out to Delhi Police but got no official comments. However, an officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that the observations in the report are inclined towards one section of society and termed the conclusions’ false.’

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